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BORIS (Best Optical Revolving Inspection System)

     The BORIS is a versatile precision instrument that virtually eliminates setup time on an optical comparator. It's extremely efficient for measuring machined or stamped parts, small molds, and die inserts. The unique 3-axis design allows you to precisely position an endless variety of parts for viewing and inspection.

     Accessories included are:
          • Accurate Chuck
          • Precision Mini "V" Block and Forged Clamp
          • Powerful Magnet for Ferrous Parts
          • Alligator Clip to Hold Odd Shapes

     The BORIS is sold as a complete inspection system including basic holding accessories and complete instruction booklet.

          • Horizontal BORIS
          • Vertical BORIS

     For more information, e-mail , or call: 847-724-0350.


USI CNC Multipurpose Tool Holder System

     The unit is designed to be used on a standard cart, shelving, or a table top.  The transportability allows your company to move CNC tool holders efficiently from tool storage to a tool setter or to a machine.

     The CNC tool holder storage system comes with the following features and benefits:
          • 20 preassembled color coded polypropylene inserts that protect the tool holder
          • Baked white epoxy finish to prevent corrosion
          • Built-in handles for transportability
          • Heavy gauge steel
          • Easy to move on cart
          • Great for individual jobs

          • 30, 35 & 40 Taper Units
          • 50 Taper Unit

    Inserts are also sold separately in packets of 20:
          • 30, 35 & 40 Taper Units
          • 50 Taper Unit

     Inserts are ribbed for maximum protection against damage to tool holders.

     For more information, e-mail , or call: 847-724-0350.

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